Baby August… (and fam)

I am smitten with this baby. His hair, his face… he is perfect. Such a beautiful family in such a beautiful home!


Baby Devri

I know it’s false advertising to put a baby on here since I don’t offer baby shoots to “the public”… BUT… as you may know I am baby smitten and I can’t help it.

Brayden — 1 year

This is us lately…

Ted (husband) got back from Hungary and literally went back into the office the next day. He also got home just in time for me to take off to girl’s camp for a few days. (sigh).


Thank heavens I have the world’s most amazing mom who came and took over while I did a million weddings and shoots. I’ll never be able to fully re-pay her.

I am also really trying to find clothes that I already have that still fit me. I REALLY am not in any mood to waddle around any clothes stores, let alone trying clothes on so I am trying to be creative with outfits here.

So very many weddings this June.  I am averaging 3-4 big shoots or weddings a week these days and trying to rest in between.  July will be spent by the pool…literally, the entire month we will be there.

Meet this darling little man… melt my heart. I took his newborn pictures and now a year has flown.



how beautiful is her little face???


For some reason there is a new wave of people contacting me for newborns pictures and normally…I would turn them down in the midst of wedding season. But since I am not doing weddings at the moment and can’t resist the thought of holding a brand new baby I have welcomed the baby shoots. In fact, they are not even as hard as I remember. I have a little studio in my unfinished mini basement and people show up, we shoot for 30 min, I get to hold them, and that’s a rap. I don’t even find a sitter for my 3 and 5 year olds. They just peek in once in a while and then go back to watching Dora. EASY PEASY. Want to see some?

ok so Ruby’s pics were done at her house….her AMAZING house, like a house I would have chosen exactly for myself. We had brother and her sisters there too, which I really really love. I recommend this especially to people who know they are on their last baby.

oh little Ruby…I love your name…and how sweet you are…and how your mom made sure to have red in your pictures for “ruby”

seriously Tricia…can your kids be ANY better looking?

the trick to getting kids to like their pictures taken: you take turns deciding what to do for the next picture….and this was obviously his turn to pick

Baby Brayden… I need a boy so bad. Can you believe him?

Baby Josephine: once again…LOVE the name, and how much her brother ADORES her

Baby Hudson: I was curious to see what this little guy would look like…his Dad is latin, and his mom is super blonde with blue eyes. he didn’t disappoint..

Baby Penelope: one of the most beautiful babies ever…

they needed a girl…and got one.

Baby Jack: my nephew..

my blog has missed me…

BUT I will be honest that this little break from blogging has been kinda nice. Funny how I feel like life is slow after surviving the move, sick kids, traveling, etc. I do have some announcements (no I am not pregnant, I know you were thinking that) but I don’t have anything clever to back them up yet so I guess announcements will have to wait a little longer when I figure out HOW to go about this little change. In the meantime, I hope you are finding yourself just as happy as I am one roller coaster at a time.

Baby Kinslee

This is false advertising…I am not a newborn photographer. In fact, I have been turning all newborn and kid sessions away for now. HOWEVER once in a great while I will take pictures of them, and I fall in love with them. This baby girl totally stole my heart….and ya know, I wouldn’t mind having a couple more girls after all.



baby Vanessa

She is so so pretty! And you know I LOVE it when I get returning clients. Its like seeing an old friend AND watching their families grow. (sigh)wv8

this is her when she was a wee thing….just as pretty now as she was then.wv10








Baby Ty.

he is so so adorable! This is our friends first baby and it was SO fun to see a little mini of the two of them!wty1











blah blah blah…i feel like i have been blabbing on here too much

First off………………………. THANK YOU everyone who will be participating in my first Wink Workshop! YIIIPPPEEEEEE!!!

Second off……………………I have been doing some homework. I have asked around, and asked myself WHAT do clients REALLY REALLY want more than anything? And I got mostly TWO repeated things……

 first…..of course the DISK. The disk that they can freely have to print, share, and do whatever with. That is good because I offer that already in all my packages. 

 Second…was MORE images. Seriously, I take about 200-300 pics at every family shoot, engagement session, etc and I only give around 30-40 total. Of course there are many blinks and blurrs during my candid shots, but from now on….. I am going to give twice the images I normally do. So…. I am keeping my prices the same, BUT I am now taking OUT the prints that come with the packages, and replacing those simply with double the pics.  DONT be sad…. I know that professional BEAUTIFUL luster prints and canvases are the best for wall portraits, so there will be a grace period 2 weeks after your pics are posted…to get 50% off all prints….in all sizes. (this doesn’t count canvases…those babies are TOO expensive to make). I will also give random deals throughout the year like a 75% off day or stuff like that so there will always be a second chance.

Also…. I am taking only $150 booking fees for those family sessions that are now scheduled through to June so you do NOT have to pay the full $475 up front when its 5 months away. This goes for my seniors too….but most of you have already paid in full so you dont have to worry about anything.

I also am now offering payment plans for anyone who wants them.  I felt like this was a very important thing to do, and I am willing to work with ANYONE who really wants to make their pictures happen with me.

One more quick note….. I am no longer taking 1/2 day wedding packages. I JUST cant stand to leave a wedding 1/2 done.

Are you tired of me talking yet?

ok…time for a quick pic of cute baby Ty I “shot” this week.