hello sillies!

I wish so badly I did a shoot like this with my friends back in high school. We are still friends and these would have been priceless! Maybe it’s not too late…. now that I think about it, you are never too old get with your girlfriends and be silly. (sigh)

oh hi dad!



I love her. She is smiley, giggly, cute, adorable, fun, loves babies (especially mine), and I’ve been dying to take her seniors for a couple of years now.

Madisen — Salem

Meet Maddison. The first picture sums her up pretty good. Cute, giggly, smiley, a teeny shy, and I want my girls to grow up to be like her. She is putting her mission papers in soon so I’m DYING to see where she ends up.

Dallas — Cedar City

Duh…he is totally cute. By far the cutest senior kid in Cedar. Sorry dudes.

Alexa — Cedar City

Sometimes I feel like I am shooting a fashion shoot with supermodels. This gorgeous girl was perfect.


This girl has a million dollar smile. Black hair, big eyes, and thhhooosssseee cheekbones.

Courtney— Senior Session

Oh the GUILT of not blogging dozens and dozens of darling photo shoots in the last year! Most of you know that we are expecting our 3rd little one the end of September and it has taken it’s toll on this not-so-young-anymore body. I just had to put Courtney up today…she is the kind of girl that you want your son to marry. So very beautiful inside and out.

Sydney– Senior–Cedar City

YES PLEASE!!!! Beautiful girl with a sense of style… that is different and fun. Really, it’s any photographer’s pick for a photo shoot.
Sydney’s family was the VERY VERY first photo shoot I had EVER done before…like 5 years ago this past October. I was so nervous, but they ended up not hating the pics after so that helped boost my new-photographer-self-esteem. WOW. That is by FAR the best part of this business….you get to know people and see them grow up and watch their families grow.

It’s been a rough two weeks here at the Clark residence. We all took turns with that nasty flu going around and so I am counting that as our “sick time” for the entire next year. I am DYING to post some pictures of my own girls… I haven’t even TAKEN any of them yet but I am feeling the craving to get some warm fuzzies of my own by getting some printed for the house.

Enjoy the pretty face and cute clothes….

You might have seen this face before…

I know I know. I really SHOULD be blogging my millions of wedding shoots that I have fallen behind on SHARING here on the blog. I promise, SOON. I am cleaning off the computer and spending time backing up millions of files, and all that fun computer maintenance stuff when I ran across these of my Katie. My darling niece…believe or not, this girl wasn’t feeling “pretty” this day. HELLOOOO??? I know, don’t be mad at her. Us girls all go through it now and then…even the knock-outs. What I love most about these shots are the ones she is laughing, jumping, being embarrassed, etc because it shows 100% who she really is.  Maybe we should all get our pictures taken on a day we don’t feel “pretty”. Oh ya…I have a blog about this kind of thing… www.mommymodelsblog.com

Andrew — Senior

lots of senior boys this year!