Ryan & Breanne — E Session

oh man. They are both so beautiful, and fun. It was perfect.

Hudson..and his cute parents






I love her. She is smiley, giggly, cute, adorable, fun, loves babies (especially mine), and I’ve been dying to take her seniors for a couple of years now.

Madisen — Salem

Meet Maddison. The first picture sums her up pretty good. Cute, giggly, smiley, a teeny shy, and I want my girls to grow up to be like her. She is putting her mission papers in soon so I’m DYING to see where she ends up.

Dallas — Cedar City

Duh…he is totally cute. By far the cutest senior kid in Cedar. Sorry dudes.

Alexa — Cedar City

Sometimes I feel like I am shooting a fashion shoot with supermodels. This gorgeous girl was perfect.


This girl has a million dollar smile. Black hair, big eyes, and thhhooosssseee cheekbones.

Coach Jeb & Melanie (from Firefly)

This is kind of embarrassing.  I forgot how to blog! I couldn’t remember my shortcuts to size my images or my wordpress password!  Yes, it has been THAT long since I have been on here.

But here I am again.

Short update…I had a baby. And here he is just in case you don’t follow on Instagram:

And yes…I know, he is a heart-throb. (thanks tee hee)

Jeb is my husband’s little brother. He is Payson High School’s wrestling coach and a pretty big deal around here. Melanie is a country singer, and opened for Clint Black just last weekend…her and her band has a CD out and their band is called FireFly:

I love them, like, to DEATH.  The temple shoot was shot with my personal and awesome photographer Jocelin  

Kelli & Dillon Formal Session

So. How is summer?

Honestly at the end of most summers I feel exhausted and over-worked, only to jump right into fall/family season. Not this time. Well, I am exhausted because I am 8 months pregnant right now, and I have REALLY worked my tush off this summer. HOWEVER, for the very first time I equaled out my play time with my work time. I have forced myself to take my girls out and PLAY which has been the VERY best thing I have done in my 5 1/2 years of photography.

I honestly admire those photographers that have and show their lives outside of work (if they actually have one outside of work). And it has taken me this long to learn a little balance and learn to say “no” when I reach my limit. I don’t have a hate relationship with my camera anymore, and I am looking forward to photographing my baby boy in late September! yay!

Here is a session that was WAY too much fun… Kelli’s mom and sister came along and we had some great laughs (minus getting attacked by horse flies). Enjoy, I will be soaking up the end of summer as we all should.

This is the normal reaction to grooms when I announce that “we are done!”.

Smith Girls

Oh these little people have been on my blog for YEARS! I hope it stays that way… I am pretty attached.