Alexa — Cedar City

Sometimes I feel like I am shooting a fashion shoot with supermodels. This gorgeous girl was perfect.


This girl has a million dollar smile. Black hair, big eyes, and thhhooosssseee cheekbones.

Coach Jeb & Melanie (from Firefly)

This is kind of embarrassing.  I forgot how to blog! I couldn’t remember my shortcuts to size my images or my wordpress password!  Yes, it has been THAT long since I have been on here.

But here I am again.

Short update…I had a baby. And here he is just in case you don’t follow on Instagram:

And yes…I know, he is a heart-throb. (thanks tee hee)

Jeb is my husband’s little brother. He is Payson High School’s wrestling coach and a pretty big deal around here. Melanie is a country singer, and opened for Clint Black just last weekend…her and her band has a CD out and their band is called FireFly:

I love them, like, to DEATH.  The temple shoot was shot with my personal and awesome photographer Jocelin  

Kelli & Dillon Formal Session

So. How is summer?

Honestly at the end of most summers I feel exhausted and over-worked, only to jump right into fall/family season. Not this time. Well, I am exhausted because I am 8 months pregnant right now, and I have REALLY worked my tush off this summer. HOWEVER, for the very first time I equaled out my play time with my work time. I have forced myself to take my girls out and PLAY which has been the VERY best thing I have done in my 5 1/2 years of photography.

I honestly admire those photographers that have and show their lives outside of work (if they actually have one outside of work). And it has taken me this long to learn a little balance and learn to say “no” when I reach my limit. I don’t have a hate relationship with my camera anymore, and I am looking forward to photographing my baby boy in late September! yay!

Here is a session that was WAY too much fun… Kelli’s mom and sister came along and we had some great laughs (minus getting attacked by horse flies). Enjoy, I will be soaking up the end of summer as we all should.

This is the normal reaction to grooms when I announce that “we are done!”.

Smith Girls

Oh these little people have been on my blog for YEARS! I hope it stays that way… I am pretty attached.

Carlie & Aaron’s Bridals

Oh everyone loves Carlie & Aaron! They are happily married now and their backyard reception was one of my favorites I have ever done. I usually give the same advice about weddings to anyone who wants to listen to me gab…and ONE of the things I love most are backyard weddings. It’s personal, beautiful, smaller so there isn’t too much empty space…and of course thousands of dollars cheaper. Why not? MOST of my favorite weddings I have done over the last 5 1/2 years have had receptions in a gorgeous backyard somewhere. ok done preaching…their wedding will be up later. :)

Chris & Ashlee — Engaged

4th of July was a good one. I got to float around on a bed-floatie in a warm reservoir while my kids ran wild with their cousins. Honestly… after being pregnant twice in the winter I am loving a summer pregnancy WAY more. It’s always too cold in the winter (even in an indoor pool) to get all that weight off in any kind of body of water that isn’t a bathtub.

This is Ashlee & Chris. They are both gorgeous. LOVED taking their pictures! Red Sox fans all the way….and we got to end our shoot running through the sprinklers. Aren’t they fun?

Mikel & Ike — E Session

I remember Mikel from her high school drill team pictures… and she is just as cute as I remember. This couple met on a tandem bike ride date and have been together ever since. Seriously we laughed alot on this shoot, Ike never has a boring moment. I really completely adore them.

Brayden — 1 year

This is us lately…

Ted (husband) got back from Hungary and literally went back into the office the next day. He also got home just in time for me to take off to girl’s camp for a few days. (sigh).


Thank heavens I have the world’s most amazing mom who came and took over while I did a million weddings and shoots. I’ll never be able to fully re-pay her.

I am also really trying to find clothes that I already have that still fit me. I REALLY am not in any mood to waddle around any clothes stores, let alone trying clothes on so I am trying to be creative with outfits here.

So very many weddings this June.  I am averaging 3-4 big shoots or weddings a week these days and trying to rest in between.  July will be spent by the pool…literally, the entire month we will be there.

Meet this darling little man… melt my heart. I took his newborn pictures and now a year has flown.


Dillon & Kelli — E Session

Dear Summer,
Please please go by REALLY slow. Thanks.

I remember Dillon from a few years ago from taking his family’s pictures. BEST family…a family full of teenagers. He has been in love with Kelli, like FOREVER. A mission later, they are now engaged and I finally got to meet this pretty face. I love Kelli…she is perfect for him. And I feel like I get the best people to work with…maybe all photographers think that, but I am cursed with the BEST of the best.