Baby August… (and fam)

I am smitten with this baby. His hair, his face… he is perfect. Such a beautiful family in such a beautiful home!

Farnsworth Family

I really love it when families bring their pets or any kind of fun “add on”. In this case it was their pup, and a cool vintage bike. Thank you Farnsworth family for being perfect.


I forced pretty momma in a couple of pictures even though she wasn’t planning on being in any.

hello sillies!

I wish so badly I did a shoot like this with my friends back in high school. We are still friends and these would have been priceless! Maybe it’s not too late…. now that I think about it, you are never too old get with your girlfriends and be silly. (sigh)

oh hi dad!

Landon & Lisa

If you know my blog at all, you would know Landon and Lisa’s story. You may find them in the search engine on the blog. I’ve photographed this boy since he was about a month old. I would say they are family at this point! Lisa is an incredible mother and I love watching her with Landon. There is no faking this kind of relationship in front of a camera. (hugs)

Bodily Family

Last time I “shot” this family there was 1 less little girl. Please please let me take your pictures every year? (hugs)

Baby Devri

I know it’s false advertising to put a baby on here since I don’t offer baby shoots to “the public”… BUT… as you may know I am baby smitten and I can’t help it.

Breanne & Ryan — Formal Session

Funny how I am blogging these a couple of months later and I totally miss these people like they were family or something. These two never disappoint.

Smith Family — Beach

This is probably my most loyal client out there. I have seen these beautiful girls grow up to be (bigger little girls), and there is such a special place in my heart for them. Our last session was in the snow… and someday we plan on shooting in the Redwoods. For now, here is some beach candy… xoxox

Staci + Jeremy

Staci and I go way back to when she referred me to her sister LJ for a wedding about 3 years ago. It was SUCH a happy reunion!! These two are hilarious…not much for posing or being serious. But I love them for it.